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  • Kletnyansky Sanctuary
    • State Nature Reserve Federal values ​​"Kletnyanskoy" - it is located on the territory of Kletnyansky Mglin and districts of the Bryansk region, has a profile of biological (zoological) - plant and animal conservation of fishery resources, as well as rare and endangered species of plants and animals.
      Year of creation – 1983
      Area - 39 100 hectares.
  • Bryansk Forest Nature Reserve
    • State Biosphere Reserve "Bryansk forest" - it is located within Suzemskogo and Trubchevsky areas is responsible for protection of natural systems within the core and buffer zones, conducts monitoring, scientific research and environmental education activities throughout the biosphere reserve "Nerusso-Desnyanskoye Polessye".
      Formed July 14, 1987
      Area – 12,186 hectares
      Area buffer zone - 9654 hectares.
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Conservation of natural ecosystems is one of the main priorities of the nature reserve. For this reason, an especially strict protection regime is enforced on the territory of the reserve: all economic activities are prohibited in the reserve, as well as visitation without a special permit from the reserve administration.

The ranger staff (state enforcenment inspectors) are charged with: preventing poaching, collecting preliminary scientific data, carrying out animal censuses (winter mammal surveys, grouse surveys, etc.), accompanying scientists, and working with visitors, to name but a few of the rangers' tasks.

Forest roads and trails entering the reserve are marked with signposts and gates so that any person in the woods can see where the reserve begins. The reserve border is marked with blue paint on trees and posts around its perimeter.

Reserve state enforcement inspectors are permitted by law to carry and use firearms and special equipment while on duty.